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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Back at home....

We were discharged from the hospital on Sunday. Here is Leanna on her last day at the hospital. She looks much better in this picture than she had looked. Since we have been home we have been going to doctor appointments and trying to keep her drinking. She will hardly eat anything and you can tell that she has lost weight. When her pain medicine starts to wear off she does point to her mouth and say "hurt me." She is not sleeping so well either. However, yesterday night we did go to the Ales for dinner and she cheered up a bit. She actually was smiling and laughing. Grandma Sharon has come in to help too. Selina had to leave Monday from Dallas. We were sad to see her go! Grandma drove the girls up. Tommorow night Leanna will have a surgery to remove the wires in her mouth at the hospital. Hopefully she will not have to spend the night there. I am really really tired!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Getting better....

Leanna is doing much better. She does not seem to be in as much pain. She slept pretty good last night except for pulling out her IV and having to have a new one put in which took three very long attempts. She no longer has the IV for fluids and is drinking and eating some soft food on her own. Therefore, the doctor said she can go home tommorow. She will be become unwired on Thursday. However, he said it may be up to six months before she has normal function of her jaw and will need soft food for awhile. Selina is leaving from Dallas on Monday. Damien went to take all the girls to Sea World today for her last full day here in San Antonio. We will be sad to see her go! More later!!

Friday, June 23, 2006


The doctor said that the surgery went very well. He said he was able to get her jaw back into position and line up her teeth properly. He doesn't how the work affected the two bone bends on her sides of her jaw. He said that she should be sleeping hard after the surgery due to the medication. However when we went to get her she was fairly alert. It was a little shocking to see how much more swollen her face got and that she was bleeding all over again. I was worried that she would be swollowing all the blood again and would throw up with her mouth wired closed. She was deathly afraid of the sucker that would suck it out. But when I held her really tight and got it in there she was okay untill she needed it done again. I think she was angry about her mouth being closed. She kept shaking her head no no no no and pointing to her mouth and going "grrrrr." The doctor said most kids won't even try to talk with their mouth wired shut. But she started asking for a popsicle and a drink right away. They chopped one up for her but she just held it tightly in her hands but never tried to get it in her mouth (and did NOT want anyone to help her). They are giving her Demeral, Zofran for nausea, Morfien every two hours, and Tylenol with Codeine. Since I hadn't slept in two nights and the girls needed someone home, I slept at home and Damien stayed with Leanna. It was very hard leaving her though. Looking at her is probably the saddest thing ever.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Not a happy birthday....

Today is Leanna's second birthday. But no cake or presents for her...She will be having surgery at 4 in the afternoon. They will be putting a plate in her lower jaw and wiring her mouth shut. She has one nasty fracture in front and the bones are bent on the sides. She is in a lot of pain now and has some more to go. The doctor said the injury like she has at her age is virtually unheard of and can not predict what the outcome will be. She really isn't sleeping much. I am trying to get the older girls things to do and places to go while we are at the hospital. We just feel terrible for Leanna!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A bad accident

Poor Leanna. Yesterday we went to the park to play after dinner. Damien was holding Leanna and slipped and fell. Leanna's chin landed on a balance beam. Blood was everywhere and she was screaming. We took her straight to the emergency room. Her lower teeth are all still there but are in a strange shape. Zig Zag. After X-Rays they thought she fractured her jaw in two places. The oral surgeon they called told them to send us home for the night and come in the morning. We saw the oral surgeon this morning who said (without looking or seeing any X-rays) that he doubted she had any fractures because it is so difficult to fracture a jaw of a child that age. We are going in later this afternoon for a CT scan to determine exactly what happended. Meanwhile she can hardly sleep, both sides of her face or swollen, and is basically miserable. She hasn't eaten anything since last night, which she ended up throwing up anyways because she swallowed SO MUCH blood. We won't know anything about the CT scan untill tommorow. I will post again then.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Emily!! 5!!!!

Hello again! Emily had a very fun pool party for her fifth birthday! No one has ever met a child that loves her birthday so much. All day she just kept saying how much she loved loved loved her birthday. She never even wanted to go to sleep. The night before her birthday however, Emily complained that she has been waiting SO LONG for her birthday and every one else had theirs before hers! Now she has to wait one more year..As you can see her Aunt Noel made her a lovely princess cake. She also got a great princess pinata from Mexico that the kids hit untill all the candy and toys came out.
Also, we have had MAJOR computer problems so I was unable to blog in a timely manner. It looks like we lost some pictures from this year and perhaps some video. I also probably lost all but one of my psych reports I wrote this year. I usually use my old ones to help write my new ones. I will just have to track down my hard copies. Good lesson in backing things up!

Anyways after our trip to South Padre, I took Alyssa and Selina shopping at the mall Sat. night and the girls bought a few things. Then Sunday we went on my brother-in-laws (Gregg's) boat. We all tubed and some of us wake boarded. That was fun too! Then for many days we just have been swimming and swimming!

On Friday we went to Six Flags over Texas with Noel, Gregg, and my neighbors. We spent 9 hours there. We did most of the water park and then rode some rides. We watched a dancing show and the girls wanted a picture with the dancing girls. I don't know what I was thinking but the big girls talked me into riding the crazy upside down really fast roller coaster and I felt really sick for quite awhile after that!

Today, Emily had her dance recital downtown. It was really cute. Here is a picture with her dress and make-up on.
Then we went to the mall downtown, the Alamo, the riverwalk, and then ate at the Rain Forest Cafe. Selina thought that was pretty cool with all the animals etc.
Leanna had no nap all day and Emily has been short on sleep so they went straight to bed. So then the girls spent a few hours next door swimming some more!! What a life!!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

More fun in South Padre

We are still having fun on our vacation! We all just love boogie boarding!! Well, except for Emily and Leanna who really don't want much to do with going into the ocean. I think we may want to think about going professional. Although, I have yet to get a good picture of us doing this activity. We also tried out a dolphin watch boat ride. However, there were not that many dolphins and I unfortunately felt sea sick. But everyone else seemed to have fun. Yesterday, we went into Mexico because Damien just HAD to go! There are the girls on the bus. We did some shopping and ate at the only safe looking place which was actually quite good and fancy (had a piano player and that is always fancy!). Salina was very disturbed by what we call french fries. We had those thick country fries with seasoning on top and she just kept saying that they were not french fries but potatoes. You can see her with her french fry in the picture. The town though was very poor and depressing and the people were just begging for our money.
We are also trying to play some tennis. Tommorow we are going to snorkel. Damien insists that I won't get sick because we will be on the bay. I hope he's right! We leave Saturday.......