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Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Grandparents are In....

O.K...things are busy around here. Grandma and Grandpa are in town! As you can see, a lot comes with them! They are staying with us for about a week and then with the Ales a week. And Damien's brother Paul comes next week too! So, the girls are getting some good quality grandparent time. The weather had been a bit cold for Texas standards. Here are some pictures of the girls posing at the mall. Grandma had them get all dressed up for a few fun pictures.
As for the latest with the girls....First Alyssa, she is really growing up. She is working hard to get her back flip before cheerleading try outs. Oh and I have become the least cool person on the planet and now I know I should never leave the house with out my hair straightened and I really should retire those old sweats before taking her somewhere!
Emily, would just like to sleep in every morning and go to a school were they just play and have fun. She is all about fun! She loves crafts. Oh and she is fun too!
Leanna, finally has the hang of using the potty 95% of the time. She is getting to the age I really enjoy. You can even reason with her a little now.
I have been working a little doing contract work. And Damien got a new car! Pictures to come!