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Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Phantom and more...

Well for Christmas, I got Phantom tickets for last Thursday. I took Damien and Alyssa to be my guests. Here we are for a picture before we left. I had a great time but unfortunately I think they may have lacked my enthusiasm! I even remembered all the words to the songs which they were both so lucky to have me sing all the way home!

We were lucky enough to have Alicia come over and babysit while we were gone. Or should I say the girls were lucky! They love having Alicia over to play with.

Leanna making her big debut singing Texas songs at Preschool.

Shopping with Alyssa can be oh so much fun! Her face says it all! We spent an evening shopping at the outlets with Cricket and Alicia to start stocking up on spring/summer clothes. I just wonder how many people can fit into these bikinis that they are selling? And how short can they make shorts these days?