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Friday, March 16, 2007

Empty Nest

Well the girls Alyssa & Emily are off cruising with Grandma and Bill. They sailed off from Galveston Texas and have gone to Belize, Cozumal, Roatan (Honduras), and Costa Maya. They are eating a lot too. I REALLY MISS THEM!! It has been a long week without them! Alyssa was emailing me a lot from the ship giving me updates but then apparently she just got to busy. Apparently she is practicing "24/7" on a talent show. Hopefully it will all be on film and I can see it tommorow!
Well, I thought Leanna would be lost and lonely without her sisters however, she is more like relishing in her only child status. She is loving all the individual attention! I can answer all her relentless questions such as "what is this?, where are we at?, what is this place?, tell me what this does."
Here are pictures of us at the zoo and playing in the driveway. We had a GREAT time at the zoo and Leanna seems to have a talent for remembering animal names. At one exhibit she ran over before me and screamed MOM it's an ARMIDILLO over there! She insisted on seeing the black bear as soon as we walked in. When we got home she listed off about 20 animals that we saw and then named some we didn't see and said "mom we didn't see those." After the zoo however she asked to eat at Wendy's and to go in and sit at a table. After we ordered our food and were walking to our table she went into FULL temper tantrum mode, complete with growling, yelling, kicking throwing herself on the floor, saying I WILL NOT STOP yelling! So I hastily put our food together and left with her screaming sideways of my arm. In the car she continued and then each shoe one after the other came flying at me. When that didn't work, she tried each hair bow that she successfully ripped off her head. Finally, by the time she got home she calmed down! Fortunately, these tantrums are getting fewer and fewer far between.
Well, I will update with cruise pictures after the girls get back!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Highlights of the visit...


The Grandparents have gone back to the cold in Michigan. We had a good time over here. We kept very busy. We had a suprise 60th birthday party for Grandma at Chuckie Cheese. The kids obviously had a good time there. We also took a day trip to Gruene Texas where you can see Leanna and her buddy/cousin Nathan at the river and the local store. They are too cute together.
Next week, Grammy Linda and Bill come to visit at our house for a few days. Then they are going to take Alyssa and Emily on a week long cruize that sails out of Galveston Texas!