Our world....

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Alyssa and I made it to Dallas. We had fun going to Chiles, the mall and a movie. Then we got Salina! We then drove to South Padre and got in at about 1am. Leanna was really out of sorts and was scared to go to sleep so she slept on Damien all night. Salina had quite a long day of traveling but never complained. We like our place here on the beach. Alyssa and Salina have being going out in the ocean on their boggie boards. Emily and Leanna really enjoy the sand more than anything. I took a very long nap with Leanna. I also was able to take Salina and Alyssa to Wal-Mart. The girls got flip flops and sunglasses.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Off we go....

Alyssa and I are taking a road trip to Dallas to pick up Salina. We are spending the night in Dallas. Then on Sat. we will go straight to South Padre Island.
This was another busy week. I finished my reports for work. Alyssa had her last week of school. She did awesome in the talent show! We went to her award ceremony were she got an award for all A's all year and she was one of two who won the big Director music award for giving "200%" in choir.
Emily graduated from Preschool. She was able to sit up front and the teacher talked about Emily. She said Emily wants to be a doctor, dolphin trainer, or singer when she grows up. Her favorite shape is a heart because it reminds her of how much she loves her Mommy!
Leanna is working hard on her little potty too. She is very interested in the potty and DOES NOT want to wear diapers.
I will have pictures as soon as we are back from our trip!!!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Busy, Busy

Hello! We have been very busy lately! First we had the Au's come and that was really fun! Their boys were really sweet as you can see them here. Here is Lisa and I with our crabby babies. We did a lot like Sea World and the river walk. We actually went to the river walk without the kids which turned out really well. It was sad to see them go though!

I have been busy with the work. It is the rush at the end of the school year but I think I finally have a handle on it. Just two more reports to write and I am through for the summer!! Then we go to South Padre Island for the week!!

Damien just put in a new red maple tree in our front yard. He tried to dig the whole with a pic axe and a shovel but hit a big huge gigantic rock. So...he rented a big jack hammar and was then able to plant the tree. Here is a picture of Alyssa in front of the tree. Alyssa made the final cut for the school talent show. Out of 170 acts 30 were picked. Go Alyssa! She is going to sing with her friend Catherine "Jesus take the Wheel" by Carrie Underwood. I had no idea she even knew any country songs! So that will be next Tuesday.

Emily has turned into quite a fish at the pool. She can nearly swim the length of the pool by herself and loves being under water. It is amazing how quickly she learned to swim. I managed a big bow in Leanna's hair yesterday to match her BIG personality. (I don't have a picture though.) Lately her favorite activity is to push the stroller around the house with her baby.

Damien and I had our 6th wedding aniversary on May 12th! This is one of my gifts!