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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Enchanted Rock

Well for Mother's Day I picked for us all to go to Enchanted Rock. It is about a 2 hour drive in the hill country. We hiked up the 1 billion year old rock. It was fun.
We have been back to doing a lot of swimming. Our community pool just opened and we are making good use out of it. The girls have been showing off their newly acquired swim skills. Emily is just perfecting her strokes and Leanna actually started swimming on her own for a few feet! She was so proud of herself!

Alyssa had her awards ceremony last night. She made the all A honor roll. She was one of 28 on it (out of her class of about 330). We were very proud! See if you can find her.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

bloggers block

Leanna got a turn to take Emily's Fiesta float through the hall.There is Emily taking it for the Fiesta parade at school.
There Damien is the proud parent who helped make the beautiful creation of a float.
Leanna has become an absolute MANIAC on her bike.
Alyssa can be REALLY hard to photograph sometimes. I just take what I can get!

O.k. I have had a serious case of bloggers block. I just couldn't do it for the longest time. But I'm back! I guess a lot has probably happened since the last post. First Damien is still liking his new job, I guess since I don't hear too much about it. He comes home at a reasonable hour and the girls are just loving that. Alyssa has been just working hard at school, going to cheerleading practice, getting her weekly allergy shots, taking a break from texting, and we have been working on a texas wildflower project. Emily had fun with her Texas Fiesta float as you can see from the pictures, is gaining lots of confidence on her bike (we have been taking the girls to the high school parking lot on the weekend and she just loves that), reading every night, and is very excited about her first pet (a fish) which she bought with her very own money. Leanna is seriously a maniac on her bike and insists on going everywhere on it. We have been working REALLY hard on getting her to sleep all night in HER bed before she turns four! I swear you would think by the time all your kids were four you could sleep all night. We have tried EVERYTHING. First, we tried a reward system but she could have cared less. Then we tried just locking our door and taking her back upstairs which would take many days to work. After a week of sleeping good, she would be back at it again and we would have to start over again. Then we tried putting a plastic child door protector, which worked if she didn't scream for us in the night and until Emily showed her how to get out. Now, we have a real lock on the door with a two way monitor, so if she screams or needs something we can talk back to her without getting out of bed. It has been working unless she has to go to the bathroom or unless on two occasions I forgot to lock the door. She must be getting up every night and trying the door! Why doesn't she stay asleep?? Also, anything like company or going somewhere overnight will totally take us back to square one! I will keep you all posted. But I really need a good night sleep that lasts more than one night!
O.k. Billie tagged me to write about seven weird or random facts about me. She tagged me awhile back and I never did it. I don't know how to show her link on my blog...I need to figure that out but she is under my list of links. Anyways....here we go.
1. I eat really strange things for breakfast. My favorite is to eat leftover veggies. Or anything leftover for that matter like meatloaf, salad, chicken, anything!
2. Sometimes I go on avocado binges. Lately I have just been eating whole avocados. Sometimes for dessert - I mash them up and put fresh lemon juice on it. For lunch I cut them up into my salad.
3. I spend way to much time thinking about food and what I should eat or what I shouldn't eat. Or what I should buy to eat. Or what I should fix the kids to eat. Or what is really healthy and what isn't. Or talking about eating.
4. I am also a freak about sleeping. I worry about my kids getting enough sleep. Damien calls me the sleep Nazi. I feel very stressed when the kids are up past their bed time. I insist Alyssa goes to bed at a reasonable time also. I also make sure I get enough rest although I can't guarantee that it won't be interrupted. I nag Damien to go to bed too but it doesn't always work.
5. I am a news junkie. I am constantly reading the news. Like Billie I also am obsessed with true crime stories and am a frequent reader of the crime library archives that used to be on the courtv website. But I also read about current events, the latest political, health, world, and education news.
6. I spend way too much time on the computer and phone and really need to work on that!
7. I am committing to run a marathon in November 2008.