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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Happy 6th Birthday Emily!

Emily had a good birthday party at the pool! Just the right amount of guests and gifts! Emily loved every minute! After her party, I was able to take her to build a bear all by herself. She really seemed to like that too!
In other news, my friend Valerie came from New York with her adorable little girl Ava. Valerie has a been a friend since high school and we had not seen each other since my wedding seven years ago! She is having another baby in September, just took a break from working, and seized an opportunity to come visit! YEAH! We had a lot of fun. We did the usual things like the zoo, parks, water park, and the river walk. One night after dinner we ran across a man who had some birds and a flat looking squirrel. Emily showed no fear and really liked it. Alyssa and Leanna look a little bit nervous in their picture! Leanna's birthday is coming up too. Leanna just wants a cake for her birthday. It is so cute. Every time I ask her what she wants or give her ideas she says no just a cake. My mom got her shoes and loves them and calls them her birthday shoes. How practical! I think I am rubbing off on her! Alyssa has been busy with camps. The last two weeks she has been doing drama camp, with a performance tomorrow! She also has planned a short visit to Michigan by her self in a few weeks! Also, we get to have our niece and nephew Savana and P.J. come and stay with us!!! We are really excited about that and can't wait! More pictures to follow!!!!