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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Summer Days...

Well so sorry for the delay in my blogging! We had a good visit with Grandma here in San Antonio. We were able to do lots of fun things like go to the Children's Musuem, Sea World, and the zoo. It was nice to have someone help around here while we did doctor appointments and getting Leanna to recover. Thank you Grandma! Leanna is doing much better. She has gained some of her weight back. She can eat most foods unless it is too hard or crunchy. She is still not quite back to herself. She has been more clingy and scared of things than she was before the accident. She did have a little birthday celebration at her Aunt Noel's house with Grandma and she had a wonderful Dora cake. She was so happy to have her very own birthday cake and have everyone sing to her! She is really making us laugh with everything that she says now. She can basically say everything now and is using sentences. She takes off her own diaper after she goes, puts it in the garbage, wipes herself, and asks for a new diaper. So very soon I am going to do away with diapers during waking hours!
Emily has been very busy with her social calendar. She did a cooking class all last week in the morning at her old preschool and playing with her friends in the afternoon. One of her favorite friends is Hayden. Here are they are together with their "family." Yes, I am a proud grandparent to a baby girl named Banana. And they have a pet pony also. Banana goes back and forth between our house and Hayden's house. Since Hayden has gone on vacation this week, Emily has had to get together with some other friends from preschool and the neighborhood.

Alyssa has been watching too much T.V., helping with the kids at the house, and hanging out with her favorite friend Alicia every day! Oh I have to add that she has quite a pet sitting business! She is very motivated despite my complete lack of encouragement!! She has taken care of three bunnies, three cats, and a dog (Maggie) that stayed at our house. Maggie was fun to have around (we also had him last year) and the girls were sad to see him go. But you should have seen how full my vacuum was after he left!
This week both Emily and Alyssa are doing Vacation Bible School in the morning. Next year all three girls will be eligible to go!! Alyssa thought it might be boring but is having fun. I also got them some work books to work on. Emily seems to enjoy doing the work books but Alyssa not so much espically since I just got her a math book!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Getting back to normal

We went in for surgery on Thursday night and Leanna had her wires removed. She was not happy to be back at the hospital and she couldn't drink anything for six hours before (her surgery was at 6 p.m.) and so I had to tell her no to juice and food. Saying no for juice or food to a starving baby is NOT easy. When they weighed her she had lost four pounds in one week. However, since we have had her home she has been eating and drinking very well. Although she can not chew she can manage to get much more food down. For breakfast today she had two over easy eggs and fruit (chopped up really well). So I think that the weight will come back on quickly. It is still hard to tell how well her jaw was put back together. Her bottom teeth are still not quite back in the same place as before. I was able to brush them though which was much needed! And she is much happier. She is playing and finally slept through the night last night for the first time since the accident. So hopefully this week we will do some fun things and get some good pictures!