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Friday, December 29, 2006


We had a very nice Christmas! The girls got about everything they wanted. And it is nice having them home from school. We have been busy with gingerbread houses, cookies, and crafts. "Alyssa" also dog sat for two dogs. The puppy stayed at our house over night. We are convinced now that we really don't have the time or energy for a dog (even a good one!). We also celebrated my 32nd birthday! Earlier in the month we celebrated Crickets birthday too.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

It's Almost Christmas

The girls are really getting excited for Christmas! Espically Emily! Emily and Alyssa both had Christmas concerts at school. Emily will play an angel and Alyssa will be the lead shepard at the Christmas mass at church. Alyssa wanted to back out but we told her she is the most experienced for the job since we used to have so much sheep in our back yard in Germany. She thinks we are so funny (ha)! No really Alyssa has been acting more and more like a teenager. Emily is realy looking forward to having a Christmas break and doing crafts. Her favorite channel on T.V. lately has been Discovery Health. She loves to watch surgies etc. Damien did leave her watching it while putting Leanna to bed and when he came down she had a very intersting story about what happened to a prisioner and what he had done to himself. Emily has also really been into reading about reptiles, mammals and the earth lately. That is all she wants to read at night - she calls them "learning books." Leanna's favorite show lately is Go Diego Go. She also is very interested in animals and learning what to call them. She also has quite an imagination. She finally stopped crying when I take her to school. Phew.
Here is a picture of what happend to Damien's car after he drove under a bridge that was falling apart. Now he needs to get a new sun roof! Ugh!