Our world....

Sunday, April 30, 2006


Trying to get the girls to work together and help clean up aroundthe house! Here they are doing the dishes....
We are working on a few projects outside in the front yard. We made two new flower beds to cover up the ugly electrical box and the cable thing. Here is what we have started....

Next weekend we have friends from Indiana coming (Jeff and Lisa Au with their two boys Will and Zachary). We lived together in Georgia and in Germany. We are planning a trip to Sea World and of course the riverwalk. We are also making plans for Alyssa's friend Salina to come visit from Germany. We are thinking she will come near the end of May and stay about a month. Leanna seems to be outgrowing her day time nap allready! Some days she just stays awake in bed for over an hour without going to sleep and on the days she does sleep she can't fall asleep at night at a reasonable hour!!! However, she does sleep untill about 9:30 in the morning lately. Emily is allready eagerly planning her 5th birthday party. She keeps revising her invite list and the location. Alyssa is very busy with her social life with sleepovers, swiming, movies and shopping.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter!! We spent Saturday at the neighborhood Easter egg hunt. Then Sat. night at a neighbors for another hunt and dinner. Our bunny at the house hid 85 plastic filled eggs last night...Leanna was really into finding the eggs! It was our first Easter at our new house. Alyssa got new purple t-shirt sheets, Emily got a My Little Pony bath toy, and Leanna got a Dora bath toy. She said "Dora!" They all got a new outfit and a stuffed bunny! Emily said she never wants Easter to end. I made egg salad!
In other news, our new couch came! Here it is!

Sunday, April 09, 2006


So we had company all week. Damien's brother Pierre came with Michelle, Savana, and P.J. We had lots of fun. Here we are at the zoo. Just missing Alyssa who was at school.

Anyways the Brunets were busy seeing the Alamo, zoo, and they went to the drive thru Safari.

We also fit in lots of swimming!! Cricket my next door neighbor has a brand new pool with a slide that we got to try out.

After the company left, Alyssa and I worked hard on "our" Ohio project for school. We also found out that Leanna is allergic to strawberries, Emily is probably allergic to shellfish, and Alyssa is going nuts with seasonal allergies. Not good!!

Saturday, April 01, 2006


We have lots of space not enough furniture! So we are searching for a sectional for our family room. The one we are thinking of now is a red sectional in microfiber. This is the space we are working with. The long part of the sectional would be up against the windows and the short part the area left of the windows. Any suggestions for curtains???
Pierre and Michelle Brunet are coming today with Savanna and P.J. They are going to stay a week. Emily has THREE birthday parties this weekend!! Alyssa needs to work on a school state project - she has to do Ohio. Leanna is finally getting some hair and I even managed a pony tail yesterday!