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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Port Aransas

Well we had an impromptu visit to Port Aransas near Corpus Christi. Friday night we decided to leave in the morning and spend one night there. Emily was SO excited she had her bag packed in a few minutes and waiting at the front door. Leanna was jumping around too in excitement. Alyssa hardly complained so you could tell she wanted to go too! We packed Sat. morning left about 9:45 and were on the beach swimming by 1:00. Well have to do that again soon! Working on getting video on the blog.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Well, the day before school started, Alyssa had the great idea to go ice skating! So there the kids are all bundled up on a 90 degree day to have some fun on the ice. It was Leanna's first time ice skating and Emily's second time. It was fun minus the part where I could hardly move after I got home! I did get to show off some of my old moves too! Actually it was quite funny seeing me try any moves at all! Emily enjoyed herself too although she needed a lot of help. Leanna didn't last too long out there at all. Alyssa and her friends seemed to really like it.
Alyssa started the seventh grade. And so far says that she really likes it! Yeah! Emily started first! And she ALSO had a great first week and likes it! I'm glad we got started off well! I actually got there picture at the END of the day by the front door. At the beginning of the day, I couldn't find Emily anywhere twice, the first time I found her bundled up on the couch trying to go back to sleep (I took her picture there) and then I found her bundled up in my bed trying to go back to sleep! She is not a morning person! But by the second week she is getting much better. There Leanna is with her new preschool teacher. Leanna couldn't stop smiling at her met the teacher day. In fact she has spent a few mornings crying that she doesn't get to school while her sisters are getting ready to go (Leanna starts her first day tomorrow). I hope she also keeps up the good school attitude!
And another first for us, was meeting our new niece/cousin Aleah Ales!!! She is so cute as you can see from the pictures and so little too! The girls were in shock to see her! Emily was the most enthralled and would have held her all night if she could. Leanna looked a little nervous but ever since has been walking around with babies inside her shirt saying she is going to have a baby. Now Damien LOVES babies and I didn't want to stay too long in case he got any ideas!