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Monday, October 13, 2008

Back to Blogging!

Well...it's been super busy around here with back to school, work, and of course Benny! Our schedule is a bit hectic! Damien went to China and Las Vegas for work! China was quite the experience for him. Thankfully, I am liking my job and isn't boring. I have been meeting with families of preschool age children to determine what school services we can provide and doing autism assessments. The only problem we have been having is getting the house stuff done so I think we will have to splurge and get a house keeper to help.
Alyssa also keeps a busy schedule with cheerleading and homework. Since she is on two teams she has practice monday through thursday. She doesn't get home untill after 9 on Tuesday's and Thursday's. But it has been keeping her focused and helping her learn to use her time wisely!
Emily has an awesome second grade teacher that keeps us very well informed will everything. I volunteer every other week in the classroom so I can see first hand what is happening in there. Emily has had to adjust to earning letter grades, having weekly math and spelling tests, and keeping up with a daily reading log. So far so good with all A's : )!
Leanna also has an awesome preschool teacher! This is the first year that Leanna can't wait to get to school and never complains about going! She is always talking about what her teacher taught them that day. She keeps talking about the names of her bones like her phalenges and patullas which is funny to hear her say those big/strange words that I can't even spell!
Benny has grown really tall! He is going to be a big boy! But thankfully, he has been such a good doggy! He listens and is really fun to be around! And he forces us to get out and exercise!

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After a long walk....


At 11:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was worth the wait!It's a wonderful life! thanks for the pictures!!!! love Oma and Opa


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