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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Packing it all in!

Well, it has been too long since my last post but we have been packing it in! Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Pierre came to visit for two weeks and we stayed very busy. We celebrated Grandma's birthday and went to Port Aransas for a long Easter weekend to enjoy the beach. We rented a house with Gma and Gpa and the Ales. Alyssa brought her friend Paige and we were lucky enough to have wonderful weather!
In other news, Alyssa spent the week after spring break trying out for cheerleading which is an exhausting experience. Thankfully, she made the team. I think I was just as nervous as she was, not because I am some psycho cheer mom but because I would hate to see her really really disappointed. So, phew that is over, now we just have to pay for it and hope that they do more this year in terms of competing.
Emily recently sang with all the first grade students from her school .... all about Texas. She wore the same hat that Leanna wore for her program. It was really cute although Emily is not a big fan of singing or dancing in front of people. She also got a new bike from the Easter Bunny and we were able to take her and Leanna to a huge empty parking lot this past weekend and she really enjoyed it because she didn't have to worry about hitting anything!
Both Emily and Leanna started swim lessons. They both loved their first lesson even though the instructor really pushed them to swim. I can tell they are going to learn a lot.
Emily and Leanna both got another ear infection. That totals nine between the two of them since July!! And that doesn't include having to go in when the antibotics did not work. So, I have an appointment for ENT for Leanna next week. We will see what they have to say...

I have become sadistically addicted to running lately. I even ran my first race which was a 10 mile trail run. I have been running three times a week between 3 and 7 miles. And I feel like I would like to run more than that. I'll see if I can fit it in.
Damien took the week of Spring Break off and he enjoyed being off and spending time with the kids. Now, its back to the grind!