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Monday, October 23, 2006

Pumpkin Patching!

So, we got a nice cool day to go drive out to the Texas pumpkin patch. I think the temp. was in the 70's! Perfect.

Turns out the pumpkin patch we went to was on a cattle ranch and they don't grow pumpkins.

But they did have a 7 acre maze with some kind of grass since corn couldn't grow well there.

Alyssa took her friend Alicia. I took LOTS of pictures.

This week we stayed home alot. Emily and Leanna had a cold that really wiped them out. Emily stayed home two days and then Leanna started a fever. So we just laid around all week which was kinda nice. So the pumpkin patch was our big venture out and about!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Home improving....

Well, I finally picked some curtains after much indecision. Here they are. Just need to pick some tie backs and who knows how LONG that will take me!
We spent all last weekend painting Emily's room. We ended up doing the walls yellow and the ceiling and sink area light blue. She is really into the "Princess" theme. Perhaps Santa will bring her some princess curtains to finish off the look? You can kinda see where Cricket made her a crown above her bed - it says "Princess Emily." Then Emily had alot of fun putting up Princess stickers all over her walls too.
I was walking around doing lots of fun things the last few days with a dead camera so no good pictures of the girls. Sorry! Since my last post, we went to the children's museum after school one day. I even got Alyssa 45 min. from school early. Since I have never done that spontaneously she thought for sure something terrible happended when they told to pack up and go home! We also did a spooky Halloween day at Sea World. Leanna has been imagining flamingos in her bed at night and Sea World had plenty of real flamingos, stuffed flamingos, and people walking around in flamingo costumes. Imagine that! They also had some scary pirates and costumes that were a little scary. That's it for now!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Camping is not for everyone....

One night of camping couldn't be that bad..right?? That is what I told myself before we left. My main concerns were bugs, bathrooms, and Leanna sleeping in a tent. Fortunately the mosquites were not out and the bathrooms were clean. But we had to watch out for fire ants and keep the swarms of flies from our food. Emily made some friends her age and we had good company (people from Damien's work). But the worst part was sleeping. Or the lack of sleeping. First, it was too noisy untill about 1:30am for me to sleep (radio, talking etc.) Then Leanna and Emily were up from 1:30 untill 5:00am! Emily just said she couldn't sleep and Leanna was just confused. Then we were all up at 7:30 in the morning. I just really don't get the camping thing. Although, Alyssa and Emily said they really had fun. The scenery was nice but I think we could have just gone for the day and skipped all the packing, unpacking and now laundry!