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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Last days of fun

Trying to squeeze that last bit of fun in before it is back to school! Alyssa got her schedule and books for the year. She gets a set of books to keep at home which is nice. Her classes are theater, p.e., journalism, pre-AP (science, social studies, Language Arts, and Math. So seven classes with seven different teachers! Her school is falling apart but she will be the last one to go through because they are building a new one. I have some pics of her birthday on here. A picture at Olive Garden and then Cricket surprised her with a desired cookie cake after we got home! There we are in front of it.
Emily met her teacher. And of course I am relieved because from first impressions it seems that I made a good choice with my teacher request that I obsessed about! We are working on riding a two wheeler this week.
Leanna has been carrying around a postcard her teacher sent her about when they will meet one one. She even wants to sleep with it! We are working on sleeping in our own bed this week! She likes to travel down to our room in the night, which makes us all sleepy the next day. Every time I break her of the habit something happens that gets her back in to it (ex. ear infection).
I took the girls to the zoo to tour the zoo kitchen and feed the kangaroos. That was fun but no pictures! Baby Addisyn turned one, and the girls went to her party at Inflatable World.
Here is Emily in the pool doing cheerleading stunts.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Happy 12th Birthday Alyssa!

Well....Alyssa has turned 12 today August 19th!! Yay! Last night we had the Ales over for a birthday dinner and Damien whipped up a cake for her! It was delicious! Today she opened her presents, went swimming, and went to the Olive Garden for dinner.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Feeling better!

I think the girls are all feeling better. Finally, a little sleep around here! I had a really good time taking Alyssa and Alicia to Six Flags the other day. It was F-U-N! Cricket was nice enough to get Emily and Leanna from camp and keep them for the afternoon while the big girls and I had a day out! We mostly did the water park then went out to lunch, got ice cream, did a little shopping, and then went back to do a few more rides and then saw the Plain White T's in concert! Here is a picture before we left.
Alyssa babysat Hayden, McKenna, Emily and Leanna the other day while Julie and I ran our errands. They did a beautiful fashion show when we got back. Here is the after picture of them together.
Here is Emily with her favorite baby Addisyn! Emily loves babies and Addisyn is a really good one to play with! Addisyn is Beth's baby and we always have a good time together! I am adding her blog on my link page soon!
Then the other day we went to the Witte Museum in San Antonio. It was the free day so it was busy! Anyways our cousins Nolan and Nathan also went along with our friends Hayden and McKenna. They have a cool dinosaur exhibit that Emily was especially interested in. Here we are in front of one of the dinosaurs. Also, here the kids are looking for dinosaur bones. Then that us leaving the place (minus our cousins who stayed longer)!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Earaches and more....

My poor babies! The other day I took Leanna to her fourth doctors appoint. for her double ear infection. She was still crying in the night and miserable during the day. A couple hours before the appointment Emily said her ear hurt. Well, I thought that it really couldn't be true but it is not in her character to complain about something that isn't real. But I told her to tell me in a few hours if it still hurt. Then she went to her friends to play and I was going to take Leanna to the doctor. Well, she comes home early and starts screaming and screaming about her ear. Totally hysterical. I gave her Motrin and Leanna's numbing drops. She settled down after she fell asleep in the car. Leanna gave her some of her own advice in the car ride in the form of a song "you put your finger in your ear to make it feel better.." That is what Leanna had been doing all day! At Leanna's doctor appoint. I asked them to peek in Emily's ear. They said wow her ears are even worse than Leanna's! So, Emily is a tough cookie! They seem to feeling better after the new med. we got. The first picture is of Leanna finally falling asleep the other night but she wanted to stay sitting up.
In other news, Emily is learning to ride a two wheeler bike! Alyssa and I are reading Harry Potter 7, Emily is working on a book called Molly the Brave and Me. Leanna has just wanted to read the books Grandma Sharon makes.
Here Damien is reading Emily's favorite book a kid's nature encyclopedia. She wants us to read every word.
Here is Alyssa at her cheer camp with the team.
And we also hosted a block party for National Night Out and a fire truck and the police came. It was fun.