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Thursday, July 24, 2008

More pics from Michigan trip!

We are home in Texas now enjoying the heat and the pool. But I these are the last of my Michigan pictures. We had a good time and saw almost everyone we wanted to. We said goodbye to Selina after her two week stay and were so happy to see her again. We had a new cousin and nephew born while we were there too! Bryan is his name and he is cute. Below are all the grandkids together for the first time!

A tea party at Grandma Sharons!

Crafts and more crafts at Grandma Sharons!
A trip to the Detroit Zoo with Grandma Linda and Bill! We did a lot of walking that day!
Gracie and Alyssa!
Looking at farm animals with Grandma!
I love back shots!
Polar bear exhibit was certainly exciting!
We had some seriously tired kiddos! Selina carried one and so did Alyssa.
Brother Zach! Just turned 2!
Sister Chloe! Just turned 2!
Quite the 2 year birthday party with a huge inflatable! Yeah!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Packing it all in in Michigan

Well we are packing it all in in Michigan. Straight from the Georgia wedding we went to Michigan to visit our friends and family. Selina came from Germany also to visit. We have been at both Grandparents house and trying to see everybody that we haven't seen in a long time. We have seen my sister and my little niece Gracie they have blog linked on the left. We also saw Billie, John, Holland and Eden. Their blog is also linked on the left! We saw Damien's uncle Skip and aunt Mia on two nights. And we saw my brother and his wife who are expecting. Damien was able to stay a week but then had to leave to bring home the bacon! So since we have been so busy....I have LOTS of pictures! I will share!
Selina and Alyssa relaxing on the hammock at the Brunet's house.
Grandma Brunet with silly faces.
More silly faces at the science museum with Grandma Linda! Looking like monkey faced bats.
What pretty minerals and gems they had at the museum!
The Stegasausares Rocks!
Group Hug with Leanna, Gracie, Holland, Eden, and Emily!
Watching Awesome fireworks at Uncle Skips house. Too loud for Leanna but Gracie loved it!
Gracie and Holland having fun with Selina!
My cousin Megan having silly girls always attacking her.
My brother Steven and sister in law Elaine and their unnamed baby boy due any day!
The girls Alyssa, Megan, and Selina going for a canoe ride.
Going for a canoe ride with two Daddy's.

The girls ventured out into Pine Lake although it was a bit chilly.
Emily enjoying some time with her Great Uncle Skip.

Sister Lisa acting silly. Little did she know this would end up on the blog!
The girls taking a jet bubble bath at Grandma Linda's. They think that is fun!

Trying to catch some fish

Wedding in Georgia

Well we left on the 27th of July for Atlanta Georgia. Damien's brother Pierre and his new wife Deb had a reception to celebrate their wedding. It was our first time meeting Deb and her son Jayden. We all liked them very much! We stayed a long weekend at a nearby hotel and Alyssa even made a friend her age and had a sleep over at her house one night. Savana and P.J. have grown up and were so sweet and cuddly! It was a lot of fun but of course we wished we could have spent more time with them. Damien was there but I guess he avoided the camera!

This is the happy couple making their entrance.
Grandma and Leanna danced the night away.

Savana all grown up and looking beautiful.
Grandpa with some good looking kids. There is our new addition Jayden on the far left.

Damien's Mom, brother Paul and sister Noel whom both flew in for the wedding.