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Monday, June 23, 2008

My Baby is 4!

Happy Birthday Leanna. I can't believe she is already four years old! She woke up so excited that it was HER birthday. She stood up on the coffee table and said "Look how big I am now!" She planned the party with a little help from Emily. This is the truly homemade cake they decorated with a skittles rainbow, ponies, cats and dogs!

This is the smile Leanna couldn't stop wearing. Like this is MY birthday smile.

The pinata that Leanna and Emily stuffed.
Still smiling....
Her new bedding for her birthday! She could hardly fall asleep after all the excitement.

This is Alyssa with her friends before they went to a quincenerra (a Mexican traditional party when one turns 15).

Friday, June 20, 2008

Fathers Day and lots of swimming!

Well we have been spending almost EVERY day at the pool. We all love to go. Damien had a good Fathers Day. Happy day to him. He got to do everything he wanted! And he even got a gift he actually wanted...a BB gun. He spent the morning shooting the gun with ALL the girls off the deck at paper "targets". Then we went hiking for geocashes. (spelling?) This is the family before the hike. Which was only supposed to take a "few" minutes.
Emily's face after the hike that really took closer to 2 hours!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy 7th birthday Emily!

Emily celebrated her 7th birthday on June 7th. She invited her favorite friend from school, Shelby for a sleepover. We also had her neighborhood friends and cousins come for some cupcake cones, games, and pinata. She was excited for all her really cool gifts.
We surprised her with horseback riding lessons. Emily just loves animals and had a good time on her horse Pom Pom.
We are also proud of her for receiving the Citizenship award at school for her class. It is nice to see that her good behavior gets recognized!
She also has turned into quite a fish with her swim lessons! She loves to do real laps while Leanna takes her lesson or before and after hers. It is really good exercise! It is amazing how much both girls have learned.
We are looking forward to our upcoming trip to Michigan! I will be BACK TO WORK in August! I am very fortunate to have found a school psychologist position right here where I live. It is a smaller district with about 10,000 kids but I will be within five miles of my home and the girls schools at all times. ALSO, although I was willing to take anything...something part time opened up! So I will work three days a week and have two days home! Leanna will be going to pre-K part time four days a week. There will be a few extra hours I will need a sitter, but fortunately my neighbor can watch her during those times. More later!


Alyssa played Dorthoy in the Wizard of Oz in a production performed by her Theater Class. She had a LOT of lines to memorize for the end of the year in a addition to the other finals she had to study for. Good Job Alyssa!