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Monday, February 25, 2008

Lovely weather

Well, we had a cold day...I think it was in the upper 40's and Leanna HAD to wear a winter hat and she was really mad that she couldn't ride her bike! That is Leanna's mad face, sometimes we have to look at it a lot! Then it warmed up to summer weather, the kids even ran through the sprinklers one day and have been riding their bikes daily (they got new baskets too). Emily can start by herself now! Leanna likes to ride her bike all the way to Emily's school to pick her up. But then look what happens when she gets on the couch. Doesn't she look huge there? Leanna wore her cowgirl hat to school the other day for a cowboy/girl lunch.
Damien is really enjoying his new job - thankfully! Alyssa has still been busy with school projects, having fun with friends, and babysitting her sisters! I am getting all the kids to help with chores a lot more. And I like it!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Well, I know it has been awhile again! Let me just give you the latest update...We all finally recovered from being sick. Leanna needed antibotic for another ear infection. One more and she will have to go to ENT. Alyssa and I both developed sinus infections and also needed antibotics. Emily was sick again the day before and the day of Valentines day with a fever. Although she had to miss Valentines day at school, she was able to recover quickly. Emily has gotten really proficient on her bike without training wheels and moved up to a bigger bike. Leanna took over the smaller bike and is now off of her tricycle! I actually had them both ride their bike all the way to our neighborhood park which is probably a little over half a mile. Well it wasn't so easy for me because Emily can't start off by herself yet, so every time she stops, I have to run up and give her a start. Then Leanna will get distracted and start riding right off the curb! Good thing for helmets! Alyssa was kind enough to be seen with me and her sisters to help me one way but I was on my for the way back after we played. Isn't it just awesome that in January and February we can be out riding bikes and going to the park? I LOVE it here! I have surprisingly started running - or I should say jogging. Never in my life have I run more than two miles before as of late. Now I have gotten up to 4 miles at once without stopping and with hills! I can hardly believe it myself!
Alyssa is thinking of trying out for cheer next year and tryouts are coming up again. She is also thinking of running track for the spring. I am thinking of having Emily and Leanna take swim lessons for the spring for our busy swim season here in Texas.
Last night, we took the little girls to the planetarium to learn about the planets with the Ales boys. Alyssa had to work at the school dance.
We are also planing an upcoming Michigan vacation this summer and hope to see everyone we know!
Above is a picture of the girls doing "science experiments" with their Valentines candy which is way better than eating it!