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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Back to School and More...

Well we officially have an 8th grader, a 2nd grader, and a four year old in Pre-K! We are officially in a routine. And I am officially working! Benny is growing like crazy! He will probably be much bigger than the foster mother predicted. But that's okay! He has been SO good with potty training and has had no accidents in over a week!! And I have even left him in the kitchen all morning while I worked! He has learned down, sit, come (not always), leave it etc. The main problem we have his with nipping when he gets excited and hyper. We take him for two walks a day. Amy- he needs to eat 3 meals a day at regularish times and go out regularly. He sleeps in his crate all night in our room but starts strirring around 6:30. So no more need for an alarm clock!
The girls are all liking school but it is an adjustment!


At 11:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's to the BEST SCHOOL YEAR EVER! Looks like a great start! Paws and licks to Benny! Emily will be a great dog trainer! Love Oma


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