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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Feeling Lazy....

Just feeling lazy so I haven't blogged! So sorry to all my faithful readers out there! Well...we had little Gracie and Aunt Lisa at our house earlier this month for Easter weekend. Wow, Gracie sure has gotten big! She is really really cute! But, it sure does bring me back to the days of having a little one into everything. How quickly we forget! Summer break is coming soon...the girls get out on May 24th. We will be going to S. Padre for four nights as soon as they get out! Then I am trying to plan activities to keep the girls busy. These children sure are expensive! We bought our season passes to Fiesta Texas (Six Flags), so we can go to a water park any day we want and ride some scary rides. This year Leanna JUST makes the height requirement to get on much more rides than last year! I signed Leanna and Emily up for a 8 week summer camp that is two days a week 9 to 2, which I hear is very fun. As for Alyssa, she is planning on doing a week long day camp with some friends, a week long tumbling camp, a week of vacation bible school with her sisters, hopefully theater camp for a week, and then cheerleading camp with her squad. Oh by the way, I just added up everything for cheerleading this year at the public school, it is costing $1,000! She did sell some candles that took $125 off. It's just crazy! Anyways, we are also working on getting Leanna to sleep in her bed all night. She has been sneaking down in the night to our bed, giving us all a rotten night sleep. So we are trying bribery but that hasn't been working so well. The last two nights, I just got my lazy self up and carried her back up. Maybe that will work. I have been awful not taking pictures. In fact, I took Leanna to the zoo yesterday and I forgot the camera! We had signed up for a program to feed the hippos. She really liked it. We got to go to the kitchen were they make all the animals food. The kids got to make their own bag of food for the hippos. Then we got to inside the hippo area and throw food up into their open mouths. I just felt so sad that Emily was at school because she would have loved it! Emily is SO into learning about animals, she remembers all kinds of facts about them. And I am like "really??? How do you know that??" Maybe all those episodes on animal planet?? Next blog, more updated pictures I promise.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Wow, a lot has happended since my last post! The girls had a wonderful time on their fancy cruise. They came home and had to adjust togetting their own drinks and not being served all day! I was able to see the videos of them enjoying the pool on the ship and their performances in the talent show. Here are some pictures of us at the Alamo with my Mom. Bill is quite the camera man let me tell ya! Then we jumped right back into school. Emily was so not pleased! Alyssa had a VERY busy week with cheerleading tryouts. She did not get home untill 6 at night, then she and Alicia would practice for two to three hours every night! It was just exhausting watching! Then on Friday they had the actual tryouts in front of the judges. Alyssa even got up the nerve to do a round off back hand spring. Then later that night, they lined all the girls up and gave them envelopes which they opened in front of everyone on whether they made it or not. There were a lot of sad girls... Fortunately, Alyssa made it and here is a picture of the cake Aunt Noel made for her the next day.
Above, is a picture of Damien's favorite activity with the girls...eating ice cream and taking them to the park.
Now, we have a nasty virus in the house that has affected Leanna, Emily and myself. Leanna can't stop going to the bathroom and Emily has a fever with throw up. Fun, fun, fun!