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Sunday, May 17, 2009

cheer banquet

Alyssa got all dressed up for a cheer banquet! Gah she is growing up!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Disney World!!!

Well...I almost forgot I HAD a blog! So I probably don't have any more readers! Well just in case I do...these are some pics from Disney World. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! Alyssa had a national cheer competition at Disney so we brought the whole family to check it out. Alyssa's team won first place for her division! We packed a lot in for five days! The bad news was Emily got a nasty nasty stomach flu the night before we left, which made for not only a bad night but a bad day for traveling home. She didn't have anything to eat for days! The good news was she waited to get sick until after we were done having fun! We also were able to see an old army friend we meet in Georgia, Paul, and that was fun too!


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy New Year!

We took an overnight trip to the beach the weekend before we had to go back to school and work. We all really really love going to the beach. And I LOVE that we can go to the beach in January. The Ales came too so the kids were able to play with their cousins. The ocean was cold and only a few of our group went in but we had nice sunny weather in the upper 70's. Alyssa was lucky enough to bring two friends and they were helpful to have around.

Emily forgot her bathing suit! But she squeezed into one of Leanna's cuz I packed her two. Although, I don't think Leanna would have fit into it!

rDamien ready to go out boogy boarding with Nolan.
The group from afar!

December 2008

We had a great relaxing Christmas break at our house. Of course December is always busy with school parties and performances but then we got a full two weeks to recover.

I don't think Emily liked the present below! It was clothes when she kept looking for the Nintendo DS she asked for!

Santa left Benny a bone!

The second grade class Christmas performance.

November 2008

Well, the main thing I remember from November is Thanksgiving! Papa, Sylvie, Julie, little brother Zack, and little sis Chloe came for a visit. It was busy but fun. We started out having Thanksgiving dinner at the Ales house. The kids had lots of fun playing with their cousins. They so generously had everyone over and all the food was really delicious. Also, during their visit we took a trip to Austin. I read that 6th street was the happening street but it smelled of urine so we renamed it something else. And we did a quick drive thru tour of the University of Texas just to get Alyssa starting to think about where to go to college (you can never start to early)! We also took a trip to one of our favorite parks that has a train to ride, playground equipment, and a river full of ducks. We also ate out a lot, which is fun. Alyssa babysat for us one night and we went to the riverwalk. It actually was a lot of fun. And my brother and sister are SO CUTE!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Happy Fall!

The girls love Halloween. And there are usually lots of activities going on. Emily was Amelia Bedelia for the annual book character parade and a cheer leader for Halloween night. Leanna was a cheer leader for both her school parade and for Halloween night. Alyssa was an 80's girl or something. And Benny was just released from prison. We had a house full on Halloween night with the Ales and friends, and Alyssa had lots of kids come over. Before Halloween we did go to an "orchard" to do some fall activities such as a hayride and pumpkin painting.
Anyways we have been busy here but everything is going well! I even squeezed in a few minutes to blog!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Back to Blogging!

Well...it's been super busy around here with back to school, work, and of course Benny! Our schedule is a bit hectic! Damien went to China and Las Vegas for work! China was quite the experience for him. Thankfully, I am liking my job and isn't boring. I have been meeting with families of preschool age children to determine what school services we can provide and doing autism assessments. The only problem we have been having is getting the house stuff done so I think we will have to splurge and get a house keeper to help.
Alyssa also keeps a busy schedule with cheerleading and homework. Since she is on two teams she has practice monday through thursday. She doesn't get home untill after 9 on Tuesday's and Thursday's. But it has been keeping her focused and helping her learn to use her time wisely!
Emily has an awesome second grade teacher that keeps us very well informed will everything. I volunteer every other week in the classroom so I can see first hand what is happening in there. Emily has had to adjust to earning letter grades, having weekly math and spelling tests, and keeping up with a daily reading log. So far so good with all A's : )!
Leanna also has an awesome preschool teacher! This is the first year that Leanna can't wait to get to school and never complains about going! She is always talking about what her teacher taught them that day. She keeps talking about the names of her bones like her phalenges and patullas which is funny to hear her say those big/strange words that I can't even spell!
Benny has grown really tall! He is going to be a big boy! But thankfully, he has been such a good doggy! He listens and is really fun to be around! And he forces us to get out and exercise!

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